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Inspiration: Shrinky Dink Art

18 Jan Inspiration: Shrinky Dink Art

Shrinky dinks… such a funny name… such a versatile material, loved by parents and children the world over.  Baked in the oven, so many things can be made with shrinky dinks… favorite cartoon characters, friendship bracelets, headbands… also designer jewelry and this beautiful Asian-inspired art found on a recent adventure.  

Who would have thought shrinky dinks could be so glam?  (I am enjoying saying shrinky dinks very much).  One more time… shrinky dinks have been around since 1973, Asian art for thousand of years.  I love the meeting of old and new, high and low.  Shrink and dink.  Okay, I lied about once more.

What can you dream up with shrinky dinks?




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