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Winter in Paris

13 Feb Winter in Paris

“Winter solitude–
in a world of one color
the sound of wind.”

– Winter Solitude by Matsuo Basho

Ah, the quiet of a winter’s day…

What is winter, you ask?  It is the season between fall and spring, when it’s 75 degrees in L.A, and 30 degrees in Paris.

I’ve been to Paris in the summer, and there is a far different feel to it.  There is so much to look at, from the women in their little dresses, to gelato vendors, color everywhere… that the city itself, its architecture and trees, gets lost.  Not on this trip, baby!  Stark branches ruled the day, bringing peace and mystery with them.  They remind me of a certain part of the Temescal Canyon hike in Pacific Palisades, where barren branches create a canopy over hikers.  Each time I am there, I feel inspired.

In Paris, the beautiful simplicity of the quiet winter allowed for the stunning architecture to stand out… you could almost here a twig fall.
For this L.A. girl, it was a welcome change.

Now, back to my flip flops…


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