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We need more cornflakes.  F.U.
Did you know it took me twenty minutes to figure out the “F.U.” stood for Felix Unger!?
-The Odd Couple

#JessicaYoung #thejessbyoung General Manager of #dlrhein and #DeborahRhein


Hi, I’m Jess, the General Manager of D.L. Rhein.  I found it fitting to take over the blog today to express my gratitude while showing off the insanely amazing Engagement party my boss threw for me.  Most people who encounter Deborah and I together, call us an old married couple.  After 9 years of traveling the world and collaborating, we sure have come along way and stood the test of time.  We laugh together, cry together, rant and rave about life and have the extreme fortune of getting to be creative every single day.  Deborah and her family have become my LA family and when she offered to throw us a party, I squealed.  I knew it would be fantastic as we have set up many events together.  What I didn’t know, was how overwhelmed I would be when I walked in as it was all a surprise.  She took every detail into account, not to mention choosing my favorite color – Green, as the theme of the party.  I had to click my heels three times when my fiancee and I stepped into the Emerald City…

Potted Herbs and Mercury Glass Votives #emerald #dlrhein #engagementparty

The tables were aglow with mercury glass votives in every shade of green from Moss to Emerald.  Giant aluminum pedestals created height on the buffet without interfering with the delectable food.

#vintage #desk turned #buffet #dlrhein #engagementparty #green

Every space was turned into something special!  Leave it to Deborah to bust out a vintage Asian Mother of Pearl inlaid secretary desk to serve as the area to hold dishes and utensils.

Potted herbs are #ecofriendly #centerpieces #engagementparty #green #emerald #dlrhein

Can I just say, best centerpieces, ever?!  Always conjuring unique ways to make things beautiful while still serving a greater purpose, the table scapes were eco friendly and guests got to take home a fresh potted herb in a resuable Mason jar.  Surrounded with white votives and amethyst, a crystal known as the artist’s stone and filled with the power to calm and soothe.  I’m a believer and the relaxed mood of the guests spoke for itself.

#cheesetray #charcuterie #engagementparty #green #dlrhein

The appetizers were as delicious as they look.  Mixing vintage and new products from our stores made these charcuterie platters a work of art in themselves.  The Malachite bowls sent me into orbit!

#cheesetray #abalone #motherofpearl #engagementparty #green #dlrhein

Abalone and Mother of Pearl Cheese knives are a far cry from the norm and elevate the experience.

#crostini homemade #ricotta #mozza #engagementparty #green #dlrhein

Did I mention that Deborah is truly the Jackie of all Trades?!  After enjoying endless gourmet meals she prepared for family dinners over the years, she kicked it into a whole new gear after completing the Pro Series at Culver City’s own New School of Cooking.  Who else would make ricotta from scratch with a myriad of toppings from the famed Mozza cookbook?  Not a morsel was left behind.

#california #city #rocksglasses #sola #engagementparty #dlrhein

Cocktails were served in glasses from one our favorite vendors, Sisters of Los Angeles.  We chose our four favorite Cali cities (Palm Springs, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara) to create a custom set available at our stores and on our website.

#gilded #champagneflutes #engagementparty #dlrhein #green #emerald

Gilded Champagne Flutes atop a vintage Moire tray added sparkle and shine.

#fireball #whiskey #shotglasses #shots #engagementparty #dlrhein #sola #lafreeways #green

Fireball cinnamon whiskey turned up the heat in these LA freeway shot glasses.

#champagane and #strawberries #toast #engagementparty #dlrhein #green #emerald

A lovely toast was given over Champagne and Strawberries.  Heartfelt words expressed by all, my eyes filled with tears of joy as we were surrounded by dear friends and our gracious hosts Deborah and her husband Danny, who made one hell of a bartender.

#custom #poetry created for our guests #dlrhein #engagementparty #green

I don’t know who was more excited about this suprise, us or our guests.  Deborah hired a poet to create a custom poem for every guest that she typed on an old school typewriter on a patterned paper of their choosing.  That beats any corny favor I could have come up with!

#embroidered #pillows #dlrhein #engagementparty #green #navy #emerald

Embroided Pillows from the D.L. Rhein 2014 collection dressed up all of the seating areas.  An outdoor lounge made everyone comfy and open for conversation.

#desserts #desserttable #engagementparty #dlrhein #green #emerald #rubyrouxcakes #macarons

AHHHHHHH!   The desert table!  A mix of green candy and utterly delicious treats made by my friend Jessica Brennan of Ruby Roux Cakes were such a hit, there wasn’t a single piece left behind.   Cake balls, Chocolate mint whoopie pies, cupcakes, and all the sugary delights you can dream of had everyone smiling.

#macarons #green #emerald #engagementparty #sparklers #topsmalibu

Macarons were blazing with light thanks to the adorable heart shaped sparklers from Tops Malibu.


#heart #xo #sparklers #topsmalibu #engagementparty #dlrhein Engagement Sparkletts

Nothing says fun and festive like having everyone light up sparklers to take the party into the dark night.

#Jessciayoung #thejessbyoung @thejessbyoung #engagementparty #dlrhein

The look on our faces says it all.  Thank you to my fabulous boss who is also a mentor and friend and has graciously welcomed Allen and I into their family.  If you loved this party as much as we did, contact us and we can help make your event something to remember for ever.

Jess of D.L. Rhein


  • Michelle
    Posted at 23:01h, 02 October

    Amazing, beautiful, inspirational and so much love in the room! We were so blessed to be a part of it! Much love xoxo

  • Linda
    Posted at 00:30h, 03 October

    And what a fabulous night it was–love you Allen and Jess, and may all your dreams come true