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Gifts to Go

28 Nov Gifts to Go

CPK, Clementine, D.L. Rhein… what do these three business have in common?  Curbside pickup, baby!  That’s right, curbside retail pampering for the harried holiday shopper!  Rushing off to a friend’s for dinner, a company holiday party, or the last day of school and forget the  gifts?  Call us at D.L. Rhein and let our expert shoppers and gift wrappers take care of things for you.  All we need is to know who’s on your list, what your budget is, and what credit card you would like to use (we take them all!).  We will have your beautiful gifts wrapped and ready for you in no time…

Pre-Wrapped Gifts to Go (AKA No Stress)

We love to treat you right here at D.L. Rhein, and that extends  to the curb!

Motor: 310-280-0474
Third: 323-653-5590




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