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Caught Up in the “Wrap”ture of Fall

19 Sep Caught Up in the “Wrap”ture of Fall


Oh, fall… your autumn leaves like candy corn on fire… rows and rows of trees… as if  dancers in a line.  You welcome me to cooler evenings that light me up with your blaze!

My feet crunch as I walk through your fallen lanes.  How nice to live amongst the changing seasons…

WAIT… I live in freaking Los Angeles!

Fall is a tank top and scarf on my way to dance class, and that is the way I like it!  I still have beautiful trees near my house that change color, but I don’t have to bundle up so much!

By the way, I love being reminded by my children as to why the colors change.  It’s the chlorophyll, baby!  Or the lack there of, rather.  Because the sun is out less, the trees create less chlorophyll, which gives off green; the beautiful oranges, reds, and yellows shine through and do their thing.  Yellow in the leaves is the same as the yellow in bananas.  That, my friends, is just bananas!  I love it!

  1. Matthew Williamson | 2. Hermes | 3. Missoni for Target | 4. Ferragamo | 5. Old Navy | 6. Mod Cloth

Our new scarves are years old in tradition and style.  They are made by a fifth-generation textile designer, hand-blocked in 100% luxurious merino wool.  Each one showcases several unique patterns.

I’m wearing one on the way to dance class tonight!

  • Karena
    Posted at 09:57h, 20 September

    Gorgeous scarves!! I love to wear them year round, especially in the autumn!

    I lived in San Diego 13 yrs and I remember How subtly the seasons changed.


    Art by Karena

    • Deborah Rhein
      Posted at 00:33h, 01 October

      It is so true about the seasons! Are you somewhere more “seasonal” now? Thanks for the love!

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