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“You will find more snakes in and around my life than the amazon.” – Bazil Patel

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Parlour Patent Snake Wallpaper

There is something about a snake that has always intrigued me.  The sexiness of their movement, their ability to coil around anything, their sheer beauty coupled with the fact that they can strike at any moment.  From Eve’s encounter in the garden, to the U.S. Army adopting the double snake caduceus as a symbol of modern medicine in the early 20th century, snakes are an elusive part of history and design throughout the ages.  Here are some of our top pics of Python products and things we have made with their stunning patterns. 

#furniture #lobjet #snake #magnifyingglass #letteropener #fauxsnaketray | available at D.L. Rhein

These items are all available at D.L. Rhein | Stenciled Hide Vintage Bar Stool | Printed Python Leather Upholstered Cushion Vintage Metal Chair | Snake Letter Opener and Magnifying Glass by L’Objet | Faux Python Tray | Black and White Printed Leather Bar stool

Faux #pythonchair from #GoHomeLtd | D.L. Rhein

Faux python armchair and python wrapped books from Go Home, one of our fave home furnishing sources.

#python #iphonecase #bandolier #snakenails #nailart

The Bandolier Iphone case, a must have for any woman on the go, never lose your phone again!  We grabbed the last of their stock so get ’em while you still can, one of our best sellers!  Show your wild side with python nails.  Ask your nail professional to create, or DIY with a piece of fish nets to apply texture and highlights.  With summer in full swing, make hissssstory by showing the animal in you with the perfect python accessories.


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