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Lamping is Everything

27 Jul Lamping is Everything

50’s Vintage Turquoise Table Lamp

Like people, lamps come in all shapes and sizes.  They are feminine, masculine, a little round in the middle, stick straight, or curved in all the right places.  A lamp can transform a room from basic to design-worthy, elevate a beautiful table into something extraordinary, and change the mood of its environment with a single flick.

Mother of Pearl Floor Lamp by Jamie Young
The Jamie Young Company

A lamp is both a staple in a room, as well as the perfect accessory.  Whether rooted on the floor, or sitting daintily on a table, a lamp brings a lot to the party. Believe it or not, table lamps date back more than 72,000 years.  It is most likely that the first table lamp was a shell filled with moss, soaked in animal fat (can you imagine the smell).  We have come a long way, but… we are all about lamps covered in shells!  Thanks to Thomas Edison, we were blessed with the incandescent lightbulb at the end of the 19th century, and we have been able to focus on prettier things since… like design.

Just like hair color or cut, the style and and color of a lampshade alters its base.  Need a change?  Try a new shade, and enjoy the change!

Antique Turn-of-the-Century Marble Lamp with Handmade Dupioni Silk Shade

Antique Chinese 1880’s Table Lamp with Linen Shade

Shell Table Lamp by Jamie Young
The Jamie Young Company

  • Karen
    Posted at 17:33h, 13 April

    Do you know where I can buy the urn shaped “shell table lamp” ? Do you know the lowest available price?