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D.L. Rhein Digs: Magnificent Malachite!

24 Aug D.L. Rhein Digs: Magnificent Malachite!

Raw Malachite

Dear Magnificent Malachite,

You are the greenest of them all.  I love you for your depth, your weight, and your presence on tables in pretty places.  You are beautiful just the way you are and also when polished and put together.  I did not know you came from copper, but I love you even more for it.  I adore a great improvement story!

Thank you for your adornment of Egyptian faces (love the cat eye) and your contribution to pre-nineteenth century paintings.  Now, where did red come from?  Anyway, I love that current makeup companies have taken notice, and now I can mimic Elizabeth Taylor and all the other pharaohs!  Please don’t go anywhere.  One day, I hope to travel to South Africa, or maybe even Arizona, and see you in your local habitat.

Love forever,
D.L. Rhein

Malachite Boxes, D.L. Rhein

P.S. You remind me of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland!  Has anyone ever told you that?  I have not been there… yet!

Malachite Bowls, D.L. Rhein

Alexis Bittar Malachite Earrings

Faux Malachite Wallpaper


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