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A Craft Party, Friends, + Cocktails

18 May A Craft Party, Friends, + Cocktails

I love sharing my studio space.  It is such a source of inspiration for me and inviting friends to come in and find their own inner creativity, gives me great joy.

When my kids school asked me if I would donate a “Host-A-Party” for the school’s annual auction, it was an immediate YES.  The idea of inviting 20 woman into my studio, to not only create but to raise money for my community was a win, win for everyone involved.  The ideas instantly started flowing.  I enlisted my friend “T” to host this party with me and the two of us prepared a totally fun night.

Champagne, cocktails, mini cupcakes from Buttercake Bakery, fruit cups, cheese, and desserts from The Urban Baker.  My worktable, filled with vintage wall paper, beads, jewels, brushes, decoupage materials, and  note cards, inspired the ladies to get down to business. This was one of those very special nights.  I cannot wait until next years auction…

The Crafts Table


The finished products

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