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Vintage Treasures

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The Huntress – Well Traveled

“The beauty of Moroccan palaces is made up of details of ornament and refinement of sensuous delight too numerous to record.” – Edith Wharton, ‘In Morocco,’ 1920  VINTAGE GLASS GRAPES – $125 | VINTAGE EASTERN BRASS URN – $150 The back drop for this weeks vintage treasures is Moroccan Silk Velvet that I found in […]

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The Huntress – Vintage Barware

“Sir, if you were my husband, I would poison your drink.” – Lady Astor to Winston Churchill His reply, “Madam, if you were my wife, I would drink it.” Faux Tortoise Whiskey Glasses with Etched Greek Key Gold Bands, set of 6 $72 These fab beauties were amidst a table of glassware that we walked […]

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The Huntress – Pachyderms

“They say somewhere in Africa the elephants have a secret grave where they go to lie down, unburden their grey wrinkled bodies, and soar away, light spirits at the end.” – Robert R. McCammon, Boy’s Life Vintage Carved African Wooden Elephant – $75 Elephants are one of the most majestic creatures to roam the earth.  […]

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The Huntress

“Our admiration of the antique is not admiration of the old, but of the natural.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson VINTAGE WEDDING COUPLE Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t resist stopping in for a peek anytime, anywhere,  there is vintage or antiques to root through.   My kids roll their eyes each time I pull […]

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Asian Antiquities

“The artist is a collector of things imaginary or real.  He accumulates things with the same enthusiasm that a little boy stuffs his pockets.  The scrap heap and the museum are embraced with equal curiosity…” – Paul Rand I must have begun my fascination with curiosities and decor from the Far East when I was […]

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