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Modern Moroccan

14 Aug Modern Moroccan

“The beauty of Moroccan palaces is made up of details of ornament and refinement of sensuous delight too numerous to record.” – Edith Wharton In Morocco, 1920

BEFORE | Carved Moroccan End Tables #dlrhein

BEFORE | Carved Moroccan End Tables

There is a beautiful science behind Moroccan patterns and designs.  Perfectly symmetrical  filled with geometric shapes, stars and the ever popular Moroccan flourish shown above.  I found these tables in mint condition and fell in love with the design.  Knowing they would be just right in a bedroom makeover, they needed a face lift with my favorite way to modernize any good vintage piece – lacquer! 

AFTER | #lacquered #vintage #moroccan #nighstand #dlrhein

Crisp and fresh, white lacquer transformed these side tables into something fit for a modern princess.  The original hardware was plated in antique bronze for a nice contrast against the purity of blanc. A vintage Geisha lamp and oil painting add color and whimsy to an otherwise monochromatic room.  Lay lady lay, lay across this big blue bed…


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