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January 2012

Thumbnail image for Dig: Hearts!

Dig: Hearts!

1. Heart Bangles  | 2. Studded Card Holder 3. Heart Cookies | 4. Creative Art  | 5. Happy Hearts 6. Botanical Art  | 7. Heart Fashion Umbrella | 8. Heart Paper Weights  Hearts, hearts, hearts, everywhere you look.  I swear they had them at Walgreens New Year’s Eve.  I <3 you, you <3 me (it took me ions to figure […]

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Design: Zhushing

Sometimes a house needs a total overhaul; other times, it needs only a little zhushing… a little love, a little accessorizing.  Such is the case with this beautiful home in the older section of Cheviot Hills.  Complete with crown molding and bright light, it belongs to a beloved D.L. customer, V.M, who has fabulous taste […]

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Dig: Roses!

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet… but would it be as gorgeous?  It cannot be mistaken: a rose is a beautiful gift… from Mother Nature… and from a sweetheart, or bought for yourself.  I have always been drawn to the rose, naming my little one just that.  Also, D.L. Rhein began […]

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Inspiration: Shrinky Dink Art

Shrinky dinks… such a funny name… such a versatile material, loved by parents and children the world over.  Baked in the oven, so many things can be made with shrinky dinks… favorite cartoon characters, friendship bracelets, headbands… also designer jewelry and this beautiful Asian-inspired art found on a recent adventure.  

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Inspiration: Window Display

We are continuously asked about our window displays: how do we come up with them?  What is our inspiration?  We redo our windows once a month (twelve inspirational opportunities a year), and we always consider the month at hand… spiders in October, ornaments in December.  But what about January?  Not so obvious. 

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