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November 2011

Gifts to Go

CPK, Clementine, D.L. Rhein… what do these three business have in common?  Curbside pickup, baby!  That’s right, curbside retail pampering for the harried holiday shopper!  Rushing off to a friend’s for dinner, a company holiday party, or the last day of school and forget the  gifts?  Call us at D.L. Rhein and let our expert shoppers […]

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D.L. Rhein Digs Cranberry!

 1. Net-A-Porter Dress | 2. The Wedding Row  | 3. Welly Boot  4. D.L. Rhein | 5. Jewel Diva | 6. Dirty Laundry – Keep Calm 7. The Lunch Belle | 8. Whipper Berry “You complete me.”  You know, I never quite believed that philosophy when it comes to people.  Everyone needs to complete him/herself, BUT when it […]

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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite holidays.  I love how it includes all people: there is no religion, race, denomination, sex (male or female, married or single), no social status, army service or even citizenship required to celebrate.  Back when I had my manufacturing business downtown, we would have a Thanksgiving lunch.  The table […]

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One of my Favorite Things – Bella Cuccina

A decade ago, I was exhibiting at one of the Los Angeles Gift Shows. My neighbor was this amazing woman whose booth was filled with “artful food”. Not only was she charming and friendly, but she had samples. Trade shows are notorious for BAD food.  While we chatted, I ate one (or two or three) […]

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D.L. Rhein Digs: Appetizers!

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Mmm… Bella Cuccina Pestos + Artichoke Dips – D.L. Rhein It’s that time of year again!  When family and friends are brushing off the fall and winter heat (LA, baby) and rushing in, hungry.  What in God’s good earth can I give them?  How about something from our good earth that is quick, delicious, and […]

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