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September 2011

Giveaway: Semi-Precious Bracelet!

  Hello darling blog readers! We love you.  We appreciate you.  We need more of you!  Make five of your friends sign up, have them leave a comment in this post giving you credit. i.e “Jess Young signed me up, and you rule!”  Voila, you win a beautiful semi-precious stone and leather bracelet.  You have […]

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Glasses: Past, Present, & Future

Jack, Mia, Rose in their respective specs “Letters, however small and indistinct, are seen enlarged and more clearly through a globe or glass filled with water,” said Seneca the Younger, tutor to Nero, Emperor of Rome.  They were pouring water to see two thousand years ago!  My biggest challenge when it comes to lenses is […]

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Carried Away by the Ballet

Gold Ballasox Most girls want to be ballerinas.  Some of us are more clumsy than graceful, and we end up with beautiful Audrey Hepburn shoes and trips to The Nutcracker.  I happily fall into the second category.  I am not the most flexible grape in the bunch, but I love my new gold flats! “Little […]

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Caught Up in the “Wrap”ture of Fall

  Oh, fall… your autumn leaves like candy corn on fire… rows and rows of trees… as if  dancers in a line.  You welcome me to cooler evenings that light me up with your blaze! My feet crunch as I walk through your fallen lanes.  How nice to live amongst the changing seasons… WAIT… I […]

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Chirp Chirp

Birds have made their mark on art, figurines, plates, and stationary for hundreds of years.  Maybe it’s their exotic nature, so different from us, that captivates us.  Maybe it’s the way we watch them with awe, and also savor them.  Whatever it is, we have been celebrating their beauty for years! John James Audubon,  famous […]

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